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DSC International School (“DSC”) is an independent private school located in Hong Kong offering the Ontario, Canada curriculum. The School is registered under # 215791 as a primary and secondary school in Hong Kong. DSC is also registered in Ontario, Canada, as a private school #879037 and can be found on the Ontario Ministry of Education’s website (

As an independent private school, DSC enjoys certain freedoms within the regulatory framework applicable to education providers and operators in Hong Kong.

These four freedoms are:

  • Freedom to define the School’s vision & mission statements;

  • Freedom to set curriculum - free from state testing mandates but with some state curriculum guidelines and other applicable laws;

  • Freedom to regulate admission; and

  • Freedom to define staffing structures within the guidelines from the Ministry of Education, Ontario, Canada and Hong Kong’s Education Bureau (EDB), with respective teacher qualifications and registrations, and minimum required teacher to student ratio.

Guiding Principles

The vision and mission statements of DSC International School serve as guiding statements defining the purpose and objectives of the School.

All functions and roles within DSC, and its governing bodies, are purposeful and effective. Senior officers and school leaders make informed, accountable, and transparent decisions taking into account best risk management practices and engaging all stakeholders in the school community.

Governance Structure

We recognize that providing a high-quality education is not possible without effective governance structures. 

At DSC, the governance structure includes three components: The School’s Board, the Senior Executive Management Committee, and the Head of School (registered as a Principal with EDB).

 While our governance system is relatively simple, it provides a solid framework which helps ensure DSC continues to provide high quality education well into the future.