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Admissions Journey

Admissions Journey

School Tour

We strongly encourage all of our prospective families to join a private school tour where you can see firsthand the amazing school culture, dedicated teaching staff, and incredible students we have at DSC International School. 

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Following a private school tour or virtual consultation, each family can submit an application form along with the required supporting documents. Once an application is submitted, our dedicated Admission team will review each file independently and will contact the family within one week. The application process at DSC International School is a three-step process followed by a student orientation process. We will contact you directly in order to arrange the admissions assessment and interview. 

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An interview will be arranged for successful applicants who pass the initial review process. The evaluation and assessment process may take anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. This will include a discussion of the School’s philosophy, culture, curriculum, and overall expectations. The latter part of the interview will help to establish if DSC is the right choice for your family.  Your child will have an English Language Proficiency Assessment that will include an oral, reading, and writing assessment to ensure your child is placed in the appropriate class. The English Language Assessment allows DSC to determine the most suitable placement for your child, provide a starting point for instruction for our teachers, and allows for support programming at the best possible level for each and every applicant.   

The interview process will vary depending on the age of the child applying and the level of English proficiency. Please note that your child’s current English proficiency level will not affect the results of the interview as DSC International School offers an excellent ESL (English as a Second Language) Program for students in Grade 1 to Grade 12.

Student Orientation

All students at DSC International School will have the opportunity to attend a student orientation program. This program will cover school life, expectations, school rules, digital citizenship with ICT equipment usage and usernames and passwords. All students joining Grades 9 through 12 will also have the opportunity to have a private meeting with a member of our Guidance Team where they will have the chance to discuss career and life planning which includes course selection.

Comparative Education Chart

DSC International School adheres to our age-placement guidelines of the year of birth-grade placement policy as outlined by the Ontario Ministry of Education. DSC follows the year of birth for applicants born from January to December. Each applicant is reviewed and assessed carefully to ensure that they are placed in the appropriate grade level to meet their learning needs.

Section Division Age Grade at DSC Canada/ USA Australia UK (Year) Hong Kong
Elementary Primary 4
PGB JK Kindergarten Reception K2
PGA SK Prep 1 K3
1 1 1 2 P1
2 2 2 3 P2
3 3 3 4 P3
  Junior 9
4 4 4 5 P4
5 5 5 6 P5
6 6 6 7 P6
Secondary Intermediate 12
7 7 7 8 F1
8 8 8 9 F2
9 9 9 10


10 10




  Senior 16
11 11 11 12 F5
12 12 12 13 F6


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