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DSC coaches believe in setting up our students for success! Our dedicated coaches are at the heart of DSC Athletics. Many of whom are former and current athletes on local and national teams! They work to instill a positive attitude, dedication, and good sportsmanship in all of our athletes. Take a moment to read about our coaches.

Matthew Buntain - Sr. Cross Country

Mr. Buntain enjoys watching his students Cross Country athletes run together outside in beautiful Hong Kong. In his free time, Mr. Buntain loves being on the hills above the city and used to compete in trail running events.

Luke Hendrickse - U12 Boys Soccer, U14 Boys Soccer, U20 Boys Soccer

Mr. Hendrickse loves the game of football (or soccer as some might say)! He believes in hard work, conditioning, and creating a positive environment where players can thrive and enjoy the beautiful game. Luke is a strong believer in encouraging teamwork and strives to create an atmosphere where everyone can be successful. He looks forward to coaching students at DSC!

Laura Jiang - U20 Girls Basketball, Sr. Track & Field

Ms. Jiang graduated from the University of Alberta, with a major in Physical Education. She enjoys playing Tennis, Volleyball and Frisbee during her spare time. She is a dedicated coach who believes that practice makes perfect.

Francis Lam – Ball Hockey, U20 Girls Volleyball

Mr. Lam is from Toronto, Canada. He is currently a senior ice hockey and skating coach for the HK Junior Tigers and plays for the Kowloon Warriors of the CIHL, Hong Kong's elite ice hockey league. He brings over 25 years of hockey experience to DSC’s Ball Hockey Team. In his free time, he enjoys playing recreational volleyball, softball, badminton, ultimate frisbee, and basketball.

Garfield Lem - U14 Badminton & Sr. Ultimate Frisbee

Mr. Lem loves to stay active during his free time. His main sports are badminton and ball hockey. When he is not playing ball hockey on a Saturday morning, You may find Mr. Lem somewhere on top of a mountain enjoying the scenery and hiking. Keep active and have fun!

Kit Leung - U16 Badminton, Sr. Track & Field

Mr. Leung had been coaching at DSC international school since 2018. Coaching and playing sports are his passion. Mr. Leung  is looking forward to another great year coaching students at DSC International School.

Stephen Levac - U14 Boys Basketball, U12 Girls Soccer

This is Mr. Levac’s first year teaching at DSC International School. Mr. Levac has always played a variety of sports ranging from basketball to ice hockey. Mr. Levac wants to create an environment of communication and teamwork on and off the court.

Paul Miles - U16 Boys Basketball

Mr. Miles has coached Boys Basketball since 2008. He has a love of basketball and anything active outside. Mr. Miles believes in teamwork, positivity and sportsmanship. Also, that anything is possible with hard work and practice.

Thomas Murray - U20 Boys Basketball

Mr. Murray has been a dedicated coach to both Girls and Boys basketball since his arrival at DSC International School. Mr. Murray grew up watching and playing basketball from a young age and fell in love with the sport instantly. He is a great believer in teamwork and striving to be the best we can be in any sport. Mr. Murray's knowledge of basketball came from playing 3 on 3 growing up, but he loves taking his knowledge and adapting it to full court 5 on 5. It has been one of the biggest pleasures of his career coaching basketball for DSC International School.   

Shefaly Ray – U14 Girls Basketball, U14 Ultimate Frisbee

Ms. Ray grew up doing a lot of different sports and loves staying active. She has been a swimmer since she was 5 and has trained competitively over the years. Ms. Ray also played basketball when she was younger and ultimate frisbee in high school, so she is looking forward to coaching them both this year!

Sarah Aba Richard - U20 Boys Volleyball

Ms. Richard has grown up playing a variety of sports, specifically ice hockey, soccer, and Karate. She has been a dedicated ball hockey and volleyball coach for many years at DSC. In her free time you can often find her hiking on Hong Kong mountains.

Zoë Smith - Jr. Ultimate Frisbee, U14 Girls Basketball

Ms. Smith has played many sports throughout her life and considers herself a lifelong athlete. Currently, she plays rugby outside of school for Valley RFC and the Hong Kong Women's National team.

Jessica Teague - U12 Girls Soccer, U14 Girls Soccer, Jr. Cross Country

Ms. Teague is in her 8th year of teaching at DSC and has been coaching a variety of sports over the years, such as basketball, cross country and soccer. She hopes to help young players develop their skills and confidence in the sport. See you on the field, Dragons!

Vivian Yung - Jr. Cross Country 

Ms. Yung is an advocate of an active and healthy lifestyle. She enjoys going on hikes or cycling around to explore new cities. She hopes to encourage young runners to improve their endurance while having fun.  

Peony Yeung - Dance Team

Ms. Yeung graduated from York University with a major in Education and Theatre Studies. During her undergraduate years, she had the opportunity to work as a backup dancer for Fairchild TV and Radio. She danced alongside both local Toronto artists and artists from Hong Kong, and even took on the responsibility of choreographing some of the performances. While she initially had a strong passion for performing, her interests have since shifted towards working behind the scenes.

Maggie Lem - U12 Girls & Boys Badminton, U14 & U12 Boys Soccer

Mrs. Lem believes that staying active is not only beneficial for physical health but also for mental well-being. Being in Hong Kong, hiking has been her ongoing passion. Enjoying the beautiful scenery on top of a mountain. She also enjoys playing badminton and wall climbing. Pickleball has been a new sport that she just picked up this summer. She believes that team sports provide valuable life lessons and help develop essential skills such as communication, leadership, and resilience. She is looking forward to another great season of coaching badminton and soccer. Supporting all the athletes in achieving their personal goals while having fun. 

Sally Nam - U20 Girls Volleyball

Ms. Nam promotes a healthy and active lifestyle and enjoys trying new sports and hiking. She values team spirit and believes that it can help individuals grow! In her free time, she loves to explore new hikes in Hong Kong and learn new sports to be a well rounded athlete. 

Danny Mercer - U16 Boys Basketball & U20 Mixed Touch Rugby

Mr. Mercer is a strong believer in the importance of exercise and physical activity for both physical fitness and mental wellbeing. By nurturing a love of sports and games at an early age, he believes that all students can develop a lifelong commitment to healthy and active living. Mr. Mercer grew up playing many sports, including baseball, softball, volleyball, and basketball and hopes to pass the enjoyment of sports on to others.

Yang Lu - U14 Boys Basketball, U12 Girls & Boys Badminton

Mr. Lu is a dedicated basketball coach with a passion for the game. With a background in rec basketball, they bring deep knowledge and enthusiasm to the court. Committed to empowering their players, Mr. Lu fosters teamwork and skill development, aiming to leave a lasting impact on their basketball journey.

Chris Moses - Senior Cross country

Mr. Moses is an avid recreational runner. He believes running promotes a strong body and mind and is looking forward to coaching this year. When not running, he enjoys hiking and golfing in Hong Kong.

Mia Choi - Dance Team

Ms. Choi has been dancing and performing with multiple dance crews throughout her life. She has led and choreographed several performances for her dance crew and performed for multiple university events. She is passionate about dancing and strives to learn new dance styles.