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#DSC35 Alumni

To celebrate our 35th Anniversary, we reconnected with our alumni around the world and here are some of DSC Stories that we would love to share with you! 

Stay tuned for more #DSC35 Alumni stories! 

Jacob Van der Haegen

Check out our 2nd #DSC35 Alumni interview with Jacob Van der Haegen, a Global Law undergraduate student at Tilburg University, Netherlands. 

What do you do now?

I'm now studying the final year of my Global Law LLB at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. As an extracurricular, I am the Head Manager of a student bar in the city center. Aside from that, I also participate in ELSA (European Law Students Association) which is the largest international law student association in Europe, participating in various committees, and partaking in various seminars and lectures on innovation in law and topics at the forefront of the debate in the field of law.

How did DSC inspire/prepare you to become who you are now? 

DSC provided me with an international perspective, giving me an open mentality. By attending high school at DSC, I am now able to confront the topics of law in all sorts of different cultures, being aware of the various differences between different nations in terms of history, social structures, and political ideologies. I am able to work smoothly on cross-cultural platforms, debating with various students and professors who are from different backgrounds. Furthermore, DSC has taught and developed my out-of-the-box thinking which is a special professional skill giving me the advantage of bringing critical opinions and special inputs into university essays and also in my team projects regarding topics of international law.

What was your journey after DSC? 

After graduating from DSC in June 2018, I decided to take a gap year to get a better understanding of how my future would look like, so I sought to participate in the Chinese Language & Culture program at Tsinghua University in Beijing. I graduated from the program in July 2019. After this experience, I developed my interest to study Global Law, which is an upcoming field of international law, taking a comparative approach to studying international law and the main jurisdictions of law in the world. 

What would you like to say to our students now?

I would suggest the high school students not only taking the advantage of the materials they learned from their courses, but also value the relationships between classmates, teachers, and staff to get a broader understanding of society and of different ways of thinking. Being a student in DSC is a unique and extremely rare opportunity that puts them in an advantageous position to other students across the globe. Extracurricular activities are also good ways to get to know new people and bring them valuable skills that could put them ahead of any other individuals in the university and job market.

Kaori Inagaki

Check out our latest interview with Kaori Inagaki, a 3DCG Artist in Tokyo, Japan. 

What do you do now?

I have been working as a 3DCG Artist which involves working on diverse projects in the Animation/Gaming/VFX industry. My expertise is in CG modeling of environment/character for high-profile productions including Netflix and Studio Ghibli. My recent projects include "Sonic The Hedgehogs", "Lupin the Third: The First", and "Earwig and the Witch".

How did DSC inspire/prepare you to become who you are now? 

I was very passionate about art class during my time at DSC. I had a lot of good time sharing creative ideas with my friends and working on art assignments. DSC gave me a very comfortable environment with cultural diversity among students and teachers. I think it helped me a lot to become more open-minded and now I am collaborating with artists from all over the world.

What was your journey in becoming a 3DCG Artist? 

After DSC, I flew to Canada and studied at Vancouver Film School. I didn't know that Vancouver is one of the Canadian cities renowned for big film/gaming industries. I changed my area of studies because I was convinced that CG is a powerful skill set that is needed to survive in the diverse fields of the creative industry. I moved to Tokyo after graduation and landed my first job at a Japanese animation studio.

What would you like to say to our students now?

Go find what you love to do and stick with it.
It will automatically fulfill your life and your future!



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