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In 2021, DSC International School, as part of CNN’s Call to Earth, held a full day project-based learning experience where students engaged in real world problems and produced creative yet viable alternatives to address a specific United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

In that moment, the ECO-X Summit challenge was established! We would like to extend this learning engagement opportunity to students from other schools in 2022. It will be an amazing day of innovation, creativity, and collaboration set within a friendly competitive environment. It will be an opportunity for students to engage in real-world issues and make connections from their learning by applying their knowledge and skills to design a specific solution to one of the UN SDGs.

ECO-X Summit (Nov 12, 2022)

As a full day multi-school event, the Summit will begin with a keynote addressing this years SDG. The keynote speaker will present their success story and take students through the journey from identifying a problem to producing viable solutions.

From there, students will engage in an inquiry-based problem-solving process and present solutions in a 3-to-5-minute presentation. The judging panel will select a winning team from each group as the recipient of the 2022 ECO-X Award.

CNN #CallToEarth

As part of the CNN's #CallToEarth community, we were very excited to have the CNN crew with us on the event day in 2021 and showcased our school community and activities on their international network. 

Our Keynote Speakers and Collaborators (2021)

Toby Crispy
Founder, FashionClinic by T

Believing that the fashion industry is sick and needs prescriptions for change, Toby has been focusing on redesigning fashion service & upcycling textile art, running exhibitions, ‘SLOW STiTCH’ workshops and events with various key players in the industry, such as brands, corporate, and green groups, in order to extend the life span of usable materials and reconnect the relationship between the clothing and the wearers, simultaneously stitch up a sustainable future. Before founding FashionClinic by T, Toby was a former design manager at French label Agnes b. Toby started her own re-fashion works in 2013.

Corane Chu
Circular Fashion Programme Manager, Redress

Corane joined Redress in 2021 with a mission to catalyse a circular economy in the fashion industry. She and her team are dedicated to raising public awareness about the problem of textile waste and encourages more sustainable behaviours in our clothing consumption. Previously, Corane was a sustainability consultant of a global consultancy that helped influential brands bring sustainability into their business agenda. She has over 10 years of experience in building the motivation and confidence in young people to become the future sustainability leaders.

Natalie Chow
Co-Founder, KIBO and Happy Baton

After 12 years behind multinational fashion and beauty brands, Natalie left behind her marketing job to start her sustainable sneaker brand, KIBO, with her husband Simon. With a family background of shoe-manufacturing of over 50 years, the couple wanted to do things differently; with a positive impact for the people and the planet. With a passion to raise social awareness on climate change and modern slavery, the couple searched far and wide for earth-friendly materials with social responsibility in mind. They also advocate transparency throughout their production process, whilst donating a portion of their proceeds to an NGO that fights against human-slavery.

Kate Padget-Koh
Founder, Fashionable Futures

Kate is a Founder, Consultant, Industry Expert in Fashion, Sustainability and Supply Chain. Creating Strategies and Solutions with Brands and Manufacturers. She is dedicated to make the Fashion and Supply Chain space innovative, sustainable and respectful. Successfully combining industry expertise with creativity, she works with Brands on Strategy, Innovation, Sustainability, Product Development and Manufacturing. She has extensive industry experience in senior positions at Puma, PVH and Li & Fung, and has an established a Sustainable Art and Fashion Brand: Kate Padget-Koh, operating and building community through unique, intellectual and creative experiences.

Daisy Tam
Founder, Hong Kong Foodworks and Breadline

Daisy is an Associate Professor at the Department of Humanities and Creative Writing at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Her research focuses on urban food security and spearheads research in the area working in an interdisciplinary and innovative manner by bringing together the arts and sciences.   She developed Hong Kong’s first public food rescue platform - Breadline at MIT when she won the Fulbright Senior Fellowship in 2018 - and this initiative has rescued nearly 80,000 loaves of bread to date. Her work has been featured on SCMP, Green Queen, TedX amongst others.

Eric Swinton
Founder, V Cycle

Eric’s vision is to tackle Hong Kong’s environmental issues on both an ecological and human level.   Eric’s career spans over 15 years with experience in recycling, sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing, and new business development, as well as an environmental speaker and educator. His organization, V Cycle, provides environmental education in schools and companies around Hong Kong, they host many large-scale recycling activities and workshops, and also focused on social impact helping vulnerable communities in Hong Kong including the elderly waste pickers, young adults with disabilities, and children living in disadvantaged families.

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"DSC was the perfect choice for our kid for the past 3 years since he was 3 year old. He learned and developed a lot, made good friendships, and always saw school as part of his life in a good way, with good people. He misses school during the weekends. As parents, we had great support from DSC during the toughest times of COVID-19 and online classes. I definitely recommend DSC as a great option for kids, it offers a safe environment and great support for families at all times at affordable prices."

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