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Career Integrated Learning (Co-op)

Our Career Integrated Learning (DCO3O) provides senior students with an opportunity to gain work experience in a relevant work placement in Hong Kong. Students would be paired with a company/organization based on post-secondary program interests as stated in the OSSD+ Signature Program. During the semester (February to June) students will attend school in the morning and then be at their cooperative placement in the afternoon.  

About our Career Integrated Learning and Students

Our students are well prepared for the workplace

All students have undergone an interview process prior to their acceptance in the Co-op program which ensures they will have the necessary skills to be valuable contributors to any working environment. In addition, students also completed a classroom component prior to joining the workplace that will familiarize them with workplace health and safety, labour laws, and ethics. 

Flexible schedule according to your company's needs

Our students will attend their placement for 3 hours daily Monday-Friday. Recommended times are from 1:00-4:00pm or from 1:30-4:30pm, but the time is flexible and can be individually tailored. Students will return to class 5 times throughout the duration of the placement to reflect on their workplace experience. 

A well-supported system to ensure a successful partnership

Student placements will be monitored by their teacher to ensure a successful relationship between the employer and student.

Join us in creating opportunities for our students!

By providing our students a work placement, you are helping students to:

  • Build their confidence and leadership
  • Improve their interpersonal skills
  • Develop their networking aptitude and employability for the future.

DSC students are highly motivated and can provide a fresh perspective and a variety of skills that would be valued by any employer. A mentorship opportunity with your company can help students solidify career pathways and build relationships for future employees. In addition, this is also a good initiative for any company to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals! 

If you are interested in becoming our partner for the Career Integrated Learning program, please fill out the registration form below and we will contact you shortly to discuss more about the arrangement.

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What our community says

"What made DSC so different from other international schools in Hong Kong is the dedicated teaching team. All the teachers are so passionate about what they teach and it motivated me a lot. No matter what the course is, even if they are courses I have little interest in, the teachers made me want to learn more and my passion grew stronger in these subjects as well.

Patrick (Graduate 2020, currently studying in UBC, Canada)