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Career Integrated Learning (Co-op)

Career Integrated Learning provides senior students in our Secondary Section with an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge during a community placement. It is designed to assist students in career exploration and the development of 21st century global competencies.

Students will:

  • Gain career experience and explore career opportunities
  • Increase understanding of workplace expectations and ethics
  • Increase confidence and leadership skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Improve interpersonal skills, work habits and attitudes
  • Develop employability and networking skills

Employers will:

  • Demonstrate good corporate citizenship 
  • Employ a motivated and eager individual in their workplace 
  • Influence young people's attitudes toward work and school 
  • Positively involve employees in a rewarding experience with young people 
  • Develop training, supervisory, and communication skills of current employees 
  • Source, assess, and recruit potential employees 

If you are interested in joining our Career Integrated Learning program, please contact our Secondary Office by sending an email to