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The Canadian education system has demonstrated year after year that Canadian-educated students perform higher than most other countries in international test outcomes. Many jurisdictions worldwide view the Canadian curriculum as a leader at the forefront of educational pedagogy, assessment, and evaluation strategies when looking at reforming their educational practices to improve student learning. 

All Canadian registered schools are required to have 80% of their teachers registered in Canada. At DSC, we are committed to ensuring all of our teachers are registered with the Ontario College of Teachers. With an average of 7+ years of teaching experience at DSC, our teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide students with a true Canadian learning experience.

Why Canadian Education?

Top Ranking

In the international PISA tests, Canada consistently scored in the top 10, outperforming many developed countries such as US, UK, and Australia.

Extensive Course Selections

Canadian education offers a wide range of subjects and courses for students, allowing them to plan for their future based on individual passion and university destinations.

Multiculturalism and Inclusivity

Based on the cultural diversity in Canada, the Canadian education system highly respects multiculturalism and inclusivity. Our teachers are dedicated to fostering diversity and embracing the individuality of all of our students.

Unique Assessment Approach

Canadian education focuses on knowledge, thinking, communication and application in all areas of assessment which encourages and instructs students to think independently, critically, and creatively while applying their knowledge in various situations.

For 36 years, DSC has been offering highly individualized programs for students as they prepare for post-secondary studies. Each year, we have a 100% University Acceptance Rate and our graduates have received offers from the top universities in Canada, UK, Hong Kong, Australia, US, Europe, and Japan. 

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Plan now for an amazing summer with DSC! We have over 100 different kinds of programs for students ages 4 – 18! All the programs are open to the public, read on to pick your favorite program!