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Early Years

DSC International School Early Years Program is designed to nurture curious and creative learners who are eager to learn independently and collaboratively within a play and inquiry based environment.

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DSC’s full-day Early Years Program focuses on establishing a strong foundation for learning and preparing students, both academically and socially, for Elementary years and beyond.

The primary goals for the Early Years Program are to:

  • Establish a strong foundation for learning in the early years;

  • Help children make a smooth transition from home or preschool settings to school settings;

  • Allow children to reap the many proven benefits of learning through relationships, and through play and inquiry;

  • Set children on a path of lifelong learning and nurture competencies that they will need to thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.

Our full-day Early Years Program provides 3 to 5 year-olds with multiple opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills within the four frames of our play and inquiry-based curriculum: 

  1. Belonging and Contributing

  2. Self-Regulation and Well-Being

  3. Demonstrating Literacy and Mathematics (Numeracy) Behaviours

  4. Problem Solving and Innovating

Our Early Years teachers consistently reflect and adjust to the needs of their classes as a unique community. Our focus on an individualized approach to learning allows for high-quality experiences to take place in the classroom which enhances a child’s individual strengths and caters to their individual learning needs. There is a conscious focus on developing learning skills, such as independence and self-regulation, as these skills are needed for our students to be successful in their academic years ahead.  Our program meets the expectations of the Ontario curriculum by supporting every child to reach their full potential through a program of learning that is interesting and relevant to them.

Pre-Grade 1 students
Pre-Grade student with iPad
Early Years Teacher

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What our community says

"Our daughter Serena joined DSC at the age of 5. All the teachers that she has had over the past 4 years have been so amazing and caring. The school provides such a safe and nourishing environment with immediate action to any concerns we ever had. Serena has grown beautifully at DSC and we felt supported, heard, appreciated, and encouraged all the way through. Thank you DSC for a wonderful 4 years that I am sure Serena will never forget."

Mr. and Mrs. Garnauds