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International Languages

The International Language Programs develop students’ knowledge and understanding of different languages and cultures.

 There are many benefits to learning an additional international language. Learning additional languages improves memory, cognitive skills, enhances the ability to multi-task, and improves performance in other academic areas. At DSC International School, we provide students a choice of three international languages:

  • French
  • Japanese
  • Putonghua

In the Elementary Section, students study one additional language of choice every day for 40 minute periods in Grades 1 - 3, and four times a week in the early years, and Grades 4 through 8.  

In the Secondary Section, French is offered in Grade 9 while both Japanese and Putonghua have three courses each ranging from beginner to advanced. Each credit course is a full semester in length and counts as part of the 30-course graduation requirement. All students must take at least one second language course to fulfil the graduation requirements. Please see the following information below specific to each international language.

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