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OSSD+ Signature Program

Completion of the OSSDis an excellent capstone to the High School experience and provides an enhanced, rigorous academic framework that aligns student interests, passions, and goals.

DSC is committed to developing individual pathways for our students to gain entrance into the top universities around the world. The OSSD+ Signature Program provides an enhanced, rigorous academic framework that aligns with their interests, passions, and goals.

OSSD+ Signature Program allows students to focus on a specialized academic discipline, enhanced community outreach and leadership development, real-world experience, and career mentorship through work placement. Our bespoke programs offer a great opportunity to maximize the high school experience and acquire the skills necessary to make a positive difference in the local and global communities.

The foundation of our Signature Program is connecting learning, passion, and real-world experiences. The Career Integrated Learning course provides opportunities for students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills developed throughout the Signature program with relevant work experience in their area of specialization.

Why should I aim for an OSSD+?

  • Designed specifically for students with high motivation and commitment to academic success
  • Develop a comprehensive personal portfolio which will assist you in developing your brand and get you noticed by university admission teams during application / recruitment
  • Gain real-world work experience as an integral part of your high school degree requirements (Career Integrated Learning)
  • Develop community connections as you complete 100 community hours (locally and internationally)
  • Receive global recognition with a Duke of Edinburgh Award which sets you apart and illustrates your commitment, grit, and resilience 
  • Access to Masterclass seminars where you can further develop necessary skills for the workplace of tomorrow
  • Recognition with a special DSC OSSD+  Diploma at graduation and high standing within the DSC Alumni as a member of the OSSD+  community 

OSSD+ Signature Streams

DSC offers 6 options for the OSSDwhich are individually designed for our

  • Athletic Scholars
  • Artistic Creators
  • Business Leaders
  • Engineering Designers
  • Global Influencers
  • Scientific Innovators

Career Integrated Learning

Career Integrated Learning provides secondary school students with an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge during a community placement. Students select an area of focus that is related to their OSSD+ specialization.

  • Experiential Learning Cycle: Students will participate in the experience, reflect on their learning and then apply that learning to education and career/life planning
  • Students will work through the Experiential Learning Cycle while participating in their placement
  • Students will connect in-class learning with real world experience
  • Students will have an opportunity to learn in an authentic setting outside the walls of the classroom

Our Programs:

What our community says

"I wanted to study business management in university ever since I was in grade 10. The DSC Guidance Counsellors helped me to clear up any doubts I had and assisted me in sculpting my future goals and career planning. I have received offers from University of Toronto, University of Leeds, University of Glasgow, UCD, Macquarie University, University of Bristol, University of Law, and University of Southampton. I am very thankful for the support I received from the Guidance Counsellors."

Neil (Graduate 2021)