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Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities are essential for students to develop the confidence required to compete in the global community. Skills beyond traditional academics are increasingly valued in an evolving landscape of opportunities.

Through Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs), students tap into the 21st Century Learning Skills such as creativity, collaboration, and citizenship. Students explore their inspirations and foster new passions. They develop lifelong friendships that will provide support through difficult challenges. They also build confidence in themselves that translates directly into success in the classroom.

Our ECAs are built from the bottom up by using student voice to drive change. Many of our activities were created by passionate students and dedicated teachers working together to create different activities so that each student can participate in something that they enjoy. Our ECA opportunities exist for the wellbeing of our students and range from beginner to advanced levels, and from general to specific. Special-interest clubs help students master new skills or make a difference in their community. Athletic programs focus on beginner skill development or competition at the highest levels.

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Secondary Extra-curricular Activities

What our community says

"Our daughter Serena joined DSC at the age of 5. All the teachers that she has had over the past 4 years have been so amazing and caring. The school provides such a safe and nourishing environment with immediate action to any concerns we ever had. Serena has grown beautifully at DSC and we felt supported, heard, appreciated, and encouraged all the way through. Thank you DSC for a wonderful 4 years that I am sure Serena will never forget."

Mr. and Mrs. Garnauds