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Guidance and University Placement

Your pathway to success is supported by our team of Guidance Counsellors by ensuring that each student receives the required support to achieve their personal and academic goals.

Our Guidance Team play an integral role in the career and life planning of our Grade 7- through 12 students. They provide a wide variety of ongoing support related to student academic success, fulfillment of graduation requirements, and social-emotional development. Our Guidance Counsellors use a whole child approach while counselling to ensure that each student is being met with the individualized support needed to be successful at DSC. All students in the Secondary Section are assigned a Guidance Counsellor who will remain their counsellor throughout their studies at DSC.

During the school year, our Guidance Team arrange individual meetings with students and parents to review academic goals and to ensure a positive sense of wellbeing. Our counsellors assist students in creating an individualized plan for success that includes course selection, involvement in extracurricular activities, and commitment to community service. The Guidance Counsellors work closely with students and parents throughout the university application process, offering a series of workshops,  access to university fairs, and one-on-one support.

Over the past year, our Guidance Team have assisted our graduating students in shortlisting the best universities based on academics and interests with many of them entering the top 100 universities.

University Acceptance Rate in 2019 – 2021

Top 6 University Destinations

Top 10 University fields accepted by our graduates in 2019 – 2021

Kartik Rao (Graduate 2021)

Neha Natu (Graduate 2021)

What our community says

"I wanted to study business management in university ever since I was in grade 10. The DSC Guidance Counsellors helped me to clear up any doubts I had and assisted me in sculpting my future goals and career planning. I have received offers from University of Toronto, University of Leeds, University of Glasgow, UCD, Macquarie University, University of Bristol, University of Law, and University of Southampton. I am very thankful for the support I received from the Guidance Counsellors."

Neil (Graduate 2021)